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body pain

Our body is a complex, intelligence network system that will flag a pain signal seeking attention.

    What causes this pain?

    Acute pain – caused by injury; develops suddenly and lasts less than 6 months.

    Chronic pain – caused by ongoing structural imbalance and compensating body movements, by old physical injury, scar tissue or bad posture, by stress or trauma.

      Massage therapy is a treatment to improve our health and can help alleviate;

      stress, anxiety and depression

      by increasing the level of ‘happy hormones’ in your body; these include dopamine and serotonin.

      pain by relaxing the connective tissues & releasing trigger points

      Specific areas include:

      • lower back
      • hips
      • knees
      • neck and shoulder
      • headache
      • soft tissue injuries or damage.
      remedial massage therapy

      Remedial Massage

      This technique is a combination of deep and strong pressure along with gentle and soft touch, which are used to locate and treat fibrosis and fascia, muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments that have become immobile.

      The aim of this technique is to facilitate the musculoskeletal self-healing process.

      myofascial release

      Myofascial Release

      Myofascial is a soft connective tissue that stabilises, encloses, separates muscle and other internal organs.

      It consists of superficial, deep and visceral fascia which support our structure with their tensegrity matrix.

      Myofascial release is used to chronic pain by releasing tension, adhesion and fibrosis fascia, which can be caused by repetitive movement, limited activity or trauma from surgery or injury.

      craniosacral therapy

      Craniosacral Therapy

      This technique is used in combination with massage as a complementary method of subtle touch which works with the natural and unique craniosacral body system rhythms.

      It works on identifying the source of, and treating the chronic pain, as well as improving your overall health and wellbeing.

      This therapy supports the central nervous system to improve the body’s ability to heal, and can produce profound and positive changes.

      cupping therapy

      Cupping Therapy

      Modern cupping employs flexible silicone cups on certain parts of the body to create suction.

      This technique releases deep fascia tension and promotes body circulation.

      Cupping complements massage therapies in facilitating pain relief and muscle relaxation

      pregnancy massage

      Pregnancy Massage

      For pregnancy remedial massage techniques are modified to nurture body changes that may cause muscular aches and pains. This is a natural therapy for:

      • improving proprioception of the body, that is, awareness of the position and movement of the body
      • reducing anxiety and nervous tension leading to improved sleep
      • assisting the lymphatic and circulatory system to prevent fatigue and oedema
      • and many more benefits for the duration of the pregnancy
      massage for the elderly

      Aged People Massage Therapy

      The care of aged people is a light and gentle pressure technique massage free from excessive friction over the skin.

      The combination of myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage and the craniosacral technique increases circulation, and at the same time eases body stiffness, joint and muscle pain.

      Regular treatments help with improving the range of motion and flexibility, as well as managing stress and anxiety.

      Which kind of treatment?


      “Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically
      if we are willing to listen” – Shakti Gawain

      Human body systems

      About your Treatment

      Visca approaches body pain holistically, using her broad range of knowledge and experience to facilitate self-healing within the body.

      In a flowing manner, she utilises gentle and firm therapeutic massage techniques to target the core of the problem.

      About Visca

      Remedial Massage Therapist

      For a decade, I have evolved my skills as a Remedial Massage Therapist, focusing on understanding the complexities & intelligence of the human body on both physical and emotional levels.

      My deep interest in the intricate connections between the body and mind has led me to extensively study Craniosacral therapy, trauma, tissue memories, the central nervous system (CNS), Spinal Flow, Chinese Meridians of the body, Yoga and more.

      There is a significant gap in understanding the interconnectedness of our physical well-being, emotions, and life experiences.
      I firmly believe in the inherent wisdom within our bodies that empowers us to live authentically by being attuned to our inner selves.

      My work is centred around you. I collaborate with you to enhance your body’s natural intelligence through nurturing touch and restoring optimal health.
      My goal is to assist you in reconnecting with your body’s innate intelligence by listening to your body’s rhythm through touch and facilitating the healing process.

      Witnessing significant improvements in your posture and emotional well-being brings me so much joy!

      Visca Liana Able

      “The Body is a symphony of motion. 

      On every level, our greatest promise for health is achieved when our body parts from cellular to gross are free to move in harmony with one another”

      John E Upledger DO.OMM

      Q & A

      Can I claim the treatment cost from my health fund ?

      Yes, Visca is accredited to all health funds

      What is the cost of a treatment session?

      60 mins is $120

      90 mins is $165

      Where is Spot On Health Hub?
      • in Randwick Junction (31 Belmore Rd next to RED CROSS SHOP)
      • on the same side as Royal Randwick Shopping Centre, closer to Alison Road (5 minutes walk from RRSC)
      • directly opposite Silver Street (Spectrum Medical Imaging)
      • a pedestrian crossing and bus stop right in front of the building.


      Where to Park for Spot On Health Hub?

      Two Hours of free parking

      • On nearby streets:  Silver St, Cook Rd, Arthur St, Alison Rd (close to Belmore Rd)
      • At Royal Randwick Shopping Centre.
      How do I contact you?

      Please note the clinic does not have a reception.

      If you have any questions or cannot find a suitable time, please SMS me at 0427 507 615. 

      Please be patient. I may be in a treatment session and may not be able to reply right away.